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What We Do

Eye Exams

Eye Exams determine if a child has vision problems and needs corrective lenses. Early identification of these issues can be crucial to a child’s development and educational success.

Frames & Lenses

We work with the largest frame manufacturers to get the latest styles and sizes. All our glasses include shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, which are 10 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses. That way, a child’s eyes are safe and protected while experiencing clear and comfortable vision.

Contact Lenses

Many children that are active or in sports prefer contact lenses over normal glasses. Even glasses equipped with polycarbonate lenses can break during high contact activities. In those cases, we can provide corrective contact lenses. Please ask your optometrist if contact lenses are right for your child.

Arizona Officially Recognizes EyeCare4Kids as a Qualifying Charitable Organization

Thank You To Our Amazing Donors!

The vision services provided by EyeCare4Kids™ Arizona are made possible through the tremendous generosity of our donors and partners! We are so thankful for these wonderful friendships and collaborations.

small girl smiling because people will donate

Your Donation Makes a Difference.

There are 10 million children in the United States in need of vision services. By contributing to the EyeCare4Kids™ cause, you will help a child clearly see the leaves on a tree, the words in a book, and the faces of their friends and family. A donation of $100 provides exams as well as glasses for 3 children.