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The timing of your child's first eye exam is important for ensuring healthy vision development

When should my child have their first eye exam?

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The timing of your child’s first eye exam is important for ensuring healthy vision development. Eye professionals generally recommend the following guidelines for when children should have their eye exams:

  1. First Exam at 6 Months: A baby’s first comprehensive eye examination should be around 6 months of age. This exam checks for common infant eye problems, such as strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and eye movement ability.
  2. Exam at Age 3: The next eye exam should be around age 3. This exam is important for detecting any vision problems that could affect learning or development.
  3. Before First Grade: It’s recommended that children have an eye exam before starting first grade, around age 5 or 6. This exam should focus on eye health and visual acuity because vision issues can impact reading, writing, and learning abilities.
  4. Every Two Years Following: If no vision correction is required, children should continue to have their eyes examined every two years. However, if your child needs glasses or contact lenses, annual exams may be recommended to monitor their vision closely.

Some signs that your child might need an eye exam sooner include:

  • Excessive blinking or rubbing eyes
  • Avoiding activities that require near vision, like reading, or far vision, like playing sports
  • Squinting or tilting the head to see better
  • Reporting headaches or eye pain
  • Displaying sensitivity to light
  • Having difficulty concentrating on school work

Early detection of vision problems is crucial for children, as untreated issues can lead to permanent vision loss or learning difficulties. Remember, a child might not always realize or be able to communicate that their vision is impaired, so regular eye exams are essential even if no eye problems are apparent.

NOTE: The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. It is inherently limited and should not be solely relied upon. Always seek the advice of a medical professional for any medical questions or concerns. The content of this blog post does not create a patient-physician relationship and is not intended as medical or patient advice. Consult a doctor for answers to all medical matters.

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