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EyeCare4Kids Establishes State-of-the-Art Vision Clinic at Kalimoni Mission Hospital in Kenya

by | Dec 11, 2023 | News | 0 comments

EyeCare4Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential eye care to underserved communities around the world, announced the grand opening of a comprehensive, state-of-the-art vision clinic at Kalimoni Mission Hospital in Kenya, Africa. Thanks to generous donations of individuals and corporations, EyeCare4Kids helped to build a new hospital wing and donated cutting-edge examination equipment, ensuring access to high-quality eye care for local children and communities.

“The new vision clinic at Kalimoni Mission Hospital, located in Kenya, was made possible because of the unwavering support of donors and the tireless efforts of so many of our partners and friends,” said Joseph Carbone, founder of EyeCare4Kids. “The clinic officially began serving patients in the summer, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s mission to improve eye health around the world.”

The grand opening ceremony was graced by the presence of Arch Bishop of Nairobi, Philip Anyolo, who presided over a mass and blessed both the hospital and the EyeCare4Kids vision clinic. Arch Bishop Anyolo commended the efforts of EyeCare4Kids and Carbone, stating that the new clinic stands as the finest eye care facility in all of Kenya.

Carbone added, “I am the most blessed man on earth because of the efforts of so many people who helped the hospital wing and vision clinic become a reality.”

The project is several years in the making as EyeCare4Kids faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The hospital initially allocated a building to EyeCare4Kids, but the opportunity was delayed due to the pandemic. Despite these obstacles, the building was constructed, and the EyeCare4Kids clinic is now officially open, ready to provide vital eye care services to the community. 

As part of the Sight the World initiative and partner 1-800 CONTACTS, the clinic offers the ability to do refractions using mobile devices, a technology acquired by 1-800 CONTACTS in 2022. A local lab makes the glasses or EyeCare4Kids supplements the glasses and covers shipping to the hospital.

Carbone said, “The vision clinic at Kalimoni Mission Hospital is a leap forward in eye care for the local residents and will empower the people of Kenya to become more self-reliant. EyeCare4Kids remains committed to its mission, striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities around the world.”

Carbone is dedicated to serving underserved children across Africa. In December 2021, he led a similar mission to Mali, Africa, where over 1,000 individuals were treated, and essential equipment and eyeglasses were donated to a local hospital.

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