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Karla Rodriquez Mata, MSW, Certified School Counselor/Social Worker for Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary School in South Phoenix, Arizona invited EyeCare4Kids Arizona (EC4K AZ) to participate with a variety of other support service organizations at the annual Meet the Teacher Night

Non-profit EyeCare4Kids provides free eyecare for children in need | ABC15 Arizona

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ABC15 Arizona

EyeCare4Kids has been on a mission to provide underprivileged kids with essential vision services, including free eye exams and prescription glasses. In 2021, they took a significant step forward by establishing a physical presence within Barcelona Elementary School in Glendale, Arizona.

The impact of their free assistance is particularly profound for parents like Tiffany Bonds, a single mother who juggles a full-time job while raising four elementary school-aged children. When Tiffany’s twin daughters and both sons failed their vision tests, she was faced with the daunting prospect of covering the cost of glasses for all four children.

Tiffany recalled, “I did take them to a regular eye doctor, and each pair of glasses was priced at over $150. This included the frames and the expenses for vision tests. For me, it was simply unaffordable.”

Fortunately, a compassionate staff member at Barcelona Elementary School connected Tiffany with the Alhambra Family Resource Center, and it wasn’t long before her children received the comprehensive eye care they urgently needed.

Dr. Inga Fors, an optometrist involved in the program, has witnessed the transformation firsthand. She said, “I’ve seen patients who initially didn’t want to read and had headaches. However, by the end of their appointment, they’re excited about reading.”

For many financially struggling families, standard eye care remains an unattainable luxury. But according to Dr. Fors, it shouldn’t be that way. She explained, “We want to ensure that their eye movements are normal, that their alignment is correct, and that they’re not facing any developmental issues. These assessments also provide insights into their potential success in the classroom.”

This free resource goes beyond providing medical care. It also boosts children’s confidence as they get to choose their own pair of glasses without parental input. Dr. Fors emphasized, “We want these kids to genuinely like the glasses they pick, as otherwise, they won’t wear them.”

The process of receiving free eyecare at the clinic is straightforward—all parents need to do is reach out and ask, as Dr. Fors explained.

For Bonds’ children, their mother’s decision to seek help has transformed their lives. Bonds shared with ABC15 that life at her house has improved significantly because her kids can now easily find what they’re looking for, including the books they love to read.

To schedule an appointment with EyeCare4Kids, parents can call the clinic at 602-336-2208 or send an email to infoaz@eyecare4kids.org.


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